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caitrocksmybum's Journal

Fuckin' Hippie
27 May
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'zines, accountability, activism, ani difranco, animal rights, anti "ownership" of animals, anti-consumerism, anti-racism, bad religion, beaches, being naked, being together, bikes, biking, books, caitlin brown, camping, cascadia free state connecticut, co-ops, connecticut, consensual sex, dealing with shit, depression, diy, dumpster diving, educating the masses, eye contact, farmer's markets, feminism, food not bombs, forgiveness, free choice, getting healthier, girls, giving a damn, hammocks, happy land, helping others, homelessness, homemade chai, honesty, i statements, i wubblewoos., independent media, jason webley, kisses, kittens, learning from mistakes, linux, local businesses, long hugs, long walks, looking at one's cervix, love, making love, massages, melissa's hard lemonade, mikey, mount tahoma, munchie funds, natural highs, nature, no bakes, no war, nonviolent communication, not judging, not running away, olympia, olympia alcoholics awesomeness, olywa, open communication, open mics, organic farms, overcoming fears, painting with blood, patience, peace, people watching, polyamory, poorly avoiding addiction, positive change, potlucks, rachel corrie, reading, recovery, relaxing, remembering twinkles, riotfolk, safe spaces, secret frots, sexual politics of meat, shaved heads, short girls, simplicity, smashing state, soil, sunrises, sunsets, sustainable agriculture, tesc, the evergreen state college, the last unicorn, the tao of pooh, tickling, tofu, tori amos, transplanting, trees, trust, truth, veganism, vegans, watching plants grow, wearing your helmet, wildness, yoga